Cornelia Sojdelius Gallery

Tova Berglund

Tova porträtt2

Tova Berglund is examining different materialities, where her background in the glass and ceramic department at Konstfack is important. It was never ceramics that interested her during her education but rather the material itself, the clay and the plaster. By "hiding" the plaster behind fabric and forming small figures she let's two different expressions meet and maybe collide. The softness of the textiles, the size of the object, points to children's stuffed animals. But the hardness of the plaster and it's ability to push through the fabric and make the surface smooth and glossy points more towards ornaments. Sometimes quite brutal.To hold on to the process of shaping means to Tova Berglund to keep the creative process alive for as long as possible. But also that her works, once they've taken their form, cannot be changed. That balance is as important in her carchoal drawings as in her objects and also means that the technique, the impressions of the shaping becomes evident in the finished result.