Cornelia Sojdelius Gallery

Eva Kerek

Porträtt eva kerek 2022

The first thing to strike you when looking at paintings by Eva Kerek is the colourful, singular world of images – as intense as it is immediate. The subjects we meet are mostly everyday objects from the artist's vicinity. But they are no longer all that ordinary; neither scale nor perspective follow rules you can easily read. The intensity lures us to a closer inspection that reveals the fact that the immediacy is insidious. Since Kerek relates freely to her subjects, moving from one narrative technique, one speed, one temper, to another, you soon discover that taking on her paintings takes time. At times, they are like compressed time courses. This is especially true of her oils on canvas, so densely filled with action and objects that they are easiest compared to cinematographic storytelling, stuck in a frame. But sometimes the narrative is secondary to the paintwork itself; Kerek seems to be painting objects around her simply for the opportunity to paint."