Cornelia Sojdelius Gallery

Björn Kjelltoft

Porträtt björn kjelltoft

Kjelltoft paints in a sort of nativistic manner where a child's spontaneity comes to mind. But his paintings are as much a meditation over the impossibility of going back to that state as it is an attempt to recreate it. In his paintings Kjelltoft often transgresses various conventions where the crossing back and forth to the world of a child is an important part. Sometimes the childishness is just that, a whim, a prank, a dirty word in a corner or a peculiar story about the friendship between a fish and a horse. In other cases, the straightforwardness of a child's manner becomes a path to approaching larger questions where the naïve transforms into concise, poetic reflections, For Björn Kjelltoft, there is no principled distinction between the naïve and the naïvistic, between the poetic and the childlike.